How to Clean Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are an easy one-and-done way to amplify any makeup look. Having full, voluminous, flirty lashes can make any look mega glamourous. However, when it comes time to remove your makeup, you may be at a loss when peeling off your strip lashes. Good strip lashes can be reused multiple times, but you should know how to best take care of them. Well-kept strip lashes can be reused as often as they stay looking firm and full. If you’re lost when it comes to cleaning your faux strip lashes, here is the best practice.  

Once you get the hang of applying and removing false lashes, you will likely be curious about the best ways to take care of your fake eyelashes. It’s best to first peel away any dried adhesive from the lash band or hairs for most strip false lashes. You can use a tweezer for this step to make things easier and get a more precise grip on the dried glue. Getting as much of the glue removed is easier at this step than in future phases. After removing the dried adhesive, use a gentle soap or makeup remover to cleanse the lash band and disinfect it. It’s important to disinfect your lashes before you reuse them to prevent the spread of bacteria or infection. Using a small cotton bud can give you the proper precision to clean bacteria and germs from your lashes. Once you have cleansed your strip lashes, you should lay them on a paper towel or other safe area to fully dry before you use them again. 

A good set of false strip eyelashes can make or break your makeup look and can take you from daytime to night out in no time. has a wide variety of strip lashes in multiple lengths and styles. 

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