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Oakland Lash Kit
Corren Holman
Could never apply lashes.. till AK❤

I'm 31 and finally able to apply lashes and go out,thanks exclusively to AK.. This is something I've been trying to accomplish for the last couple of years. I love make up, my eye looks are usually on point, but I just could not get lashes to work for me. I bought the Oakland lashes with the clear adhesive pen from Ipsy on a whim And I am so happy that I did. The applicator is pretty much ground breaking, At least I've never found one like it and I have tried all kinds of adhesive liquid liners, Magnetic liners, regular clear and black lash glue.. Nothing ever worked for me but the liquid liner adhesives were definitely my favorite to apply, it just didn't seem like the liner adhesive was strong enough. The applicators from AK have the same idea only the adhesive is seriously strong but not too strong and so incredibly easy to apply. The latchers are beautiful and they stay on all day, I've had no problem with eye irritation or even feeling like I'm wearing lashes.

I swear I have literally never felt comfortable enough to leave the house in lashes until I tried these ones. I would recommend them to anybody but especially to people that are not confident in their lash skills, or those that have never even tried to wear them before.. you really can't go wrong with this brand!! Oh and as a bonus the packaging is sleek and beautiful.. Most importantly who doesn't love to support an amazing brand owned by black women? Women we absolutely have to support one another and I will certainly be supporting AK going forward! Thank you ladies!

I tried to show the lashes from every angle in the photos that I attached.

San Diego Lash
Annabelle Loveless
Love them!!

Don’t get me wrong I love Walmart brand lashes but I didn’t realize the major difference until I tried a good quality brand like this! The lash band is thinner and even the lashes are softer- which made application a lot easier. Perfect for a subtle look and so pretty. I did however have to trim off a tiny bit at the ends bc my eyes are smaller.

San Diego Lash
Jouviane Alexandre
Wipsy for the Win

I LOVE a good, wispy lash. Lashes are usually an everyday thing for me and the San Diego lash has been my go-to ever since I got them. They’re perfect for adding length and volume without looking like I’m about to fly away. I’m definitely going to stock up on these!

OUT With The Glue

I've purchased two pairs of AK lashes and Love Them!
However, being a novice, I had a challenge using the glue.
So, I purchased both adhesive pens to try. I love the versatility
of the caviar pen/eyeliner when you want that extra POP and the
use of the champagne pen for regular adhesive use. These pens are
AMAZING and STRESS FREE. If you are still using the regular glue,
give these pens a try! You will not be disappointed.

LA Lash
Mercedes Wilburn
Great Lashes

I purchased these lashes as a gift. The receiver (teenager) was so excited that she sent me a video wearing them. They are amazing! She was able to apply them with no effort. The length is perfect. And the package they arrive in is sleek! We will definitely be ordering again

It’s Palm Springs for me!

I love these lashes but they we’re longer than I thought they would be and wider than expected for a half lash. I will purchase them again because they looked great and are holding up very well. AK for the win!

Excellent All Around The Board

Lashes were beyond my expectations. Packing was a great presentation. Definitely ordering again.

Oakland Lash
Jackie Boyd
Love My Lashes!!!!

These Lashes are Gorgeous..So glad I placed my order..Great Quality !!!

Oakland Lash
Chelsie Daniels
Glam to the MAX!!

Absolutely love the way these lashes look and feel! High quality product and amazing packaging. I’m super pleased with my purchase!

So Freaking Pretty!!

I ordered the San Diego lash and decided to try the Oakland lash and they do not disappoint! These lashes are beautiful!! They are so light and look pretty on.

Beautiful Lashes

I don't generally wear lashes everyday. I just don't have the time to put them on until now. These lashes are gorgeous! The compliments I receive are worth a few extra minutes each day. Definitely a quality lash! Awesome purchase!

San Diego Lash
Brie Budweg
Lightweight and classy

I ordered the San Diego lashes and love them. They are lightweight and look natural.

San Diego Lash
Thamar Perry

I love these lashes! I normally don't wear lashes but wanted to do a more glam look for my eyes when I go out since I'm wearing a mask, and these were amazing! They didn't look super fake and they were the perfect length for my preference.

Palm Springs Half Lash
Connie Hampton
Palm Springs Anyone?

I absolutely love how these gorgeous, next level for me, lashes look & feel on my eyes. San Diego & Palm Springs are a win win!! 🎶It's the AK Lashes for me... get you some!

San Diego Lash
Ericka Woods
Worth It

I usually don’t like false lashes at all. These lashes are absolutely perfect. They are not heavy and don’t have a bulky line. They look so natural. These are a must buy!

Oakland Lash
Marcus Warthen
Most Real Beautiful Lashes

I bought these for my wife and surprised her,her eyes was so big with excitement.She loves the look and feel of the lashes,plus she loves the box that hold the lashes,She is so beautiful with them on.Thank you Ashley Kennedy!

San Diego Lash
Sonja Yancey
Love ‘em

Love ‘em
I love these lashes, they’re super light weight and great for every day wear. So glad AK is coming out with an easier glue of their own. Bout to load up on few pair and reserve the glue.

San Diego Lash
Absolutely Gorgeous!!

I decided to finally give this lovely lady's company a chance and I am glad I did. They are by far the best natural looking lashes I have ever purchased. Besides the lashes, the customer service was excellent and the packaging was beautiful. Definitely will open again.

San Diego Lash
Nicole Broussard
Natural and Fab!

I love my San Diego lashes! Gives me a natural look but then that extra something that takes my look to the next level! Highly recommend!!

They were beautiful!

They were so easy to put in, especially for a beginner, and looked great on me!


Wow! AK lashes are absolutely my favorite, compared to every other lash brand I have tried. Love the way these highlight my eyes. Nothing compares.

LA Lash
Noa Sianoa

Love the feel, and look of these lashes. So beautiful. The perfect size.

San Diego Lash
Yasmeen Sampson

I love a good lash! But I am also of the age where I prefer a lash that looks natural, while still commanding attention. So, I was super excited after receiving my new lashes! This price point is also a winner, definitely could be more expensive. Great quality. I highly recommend and will be sending all of my sister friends to AshleyKennedy!

San Diego Lash
Marguerits Hicks
BeAutiful, but Instructions would be nice

The lashes are beautiful and the packaging is outstanding. One small quibble: it would be nice to receive instructions on installation, care, recommended adhesives, etc. I’m not super experienced and could have used the guidance. Instead had to resort to online videos.

Great idea! We'll look into this! :)
Ashley & Devin