Who Invented Strip Lashes?

A strip lash is attached to a crescent shaped band which is then adhered to the top of your eyelid near the lashes but not touching them. What an easy and painless invention made; but who's the brain behind this invention? A woman named Anna Taylor, made those beautiful long lashes we love, throw on within minutes, and take on the day looking and feeling our best!


How the Strip Lash Started

Well, we can all thank the inventor, Anna Taylor for of the "strip lashes" or falsies as we often call them. Let me share with you a brief history of events on attaining irresistible eyes. In the late 1800's, people started talking about various ideas of adhering hair to their eyelashes. During that time period in various countries people had begun to sew hair into the eyelid. Yes eyelids!! Isn't that crazy. They had then come up with a less invasive method for applying eyelashes. This process was when one glues human hair on a piece of the fabric strip and then adds this above the eyelid. 

In 1901 Charles Nessler, a known hairdresser achieved a U.K. patent for an improved artificial eyebrows and eyelashes method. His lashes were made from human hair and were attached to fish skin. He offered his lashes in different shades like brown, dark brown, and black shades. A Canadian woman, Anna Taylor first created a pair of artificial lashes in 1911. Her method used a crescent fabric that had implanted tiny bits of hairs on it, she obtained a US patent her lash invention.  

In 1915, a well-known hairdresser known for his permanent waves had opened a hair salon in New York, and here he promoted lash services. For his salon to be noticed, he also managed to hire chorus girls to sell them. Their eyelash strips were not a big hit until 1916. 

In 1916 the eyelash strips started to become popular. This was because a Hollywood director who was filming and wanted the actress's eyelashes to look more exotic, longer, and "larger than life." 

Women who wanted their eyelashes to look fuller and to enhance their eyes had a choice of wearing mascara, but some preferred the new eyelash strips that were soon becoming more and more popular. The director then ordered the film wigmaker to glue eyelashes made of human hair onto the actress's eyelids using spirit gum. Spirit gum was like a glue adhesive, but it only contained alcohol and part resin. The adhesive used to come in a small clear bottle or a tube; this adhesive needed to dry for a moment so that the liquid could become sticky. 

In the 1920s, men thought that eyelashes were very misleading. Many fashionistas in the 1920s did not have the same opinion and approved of the use of eyelashes. It was felt that if they had a woman in ads wearing lashes, that it may bring in more attention. 

By the 1930s, false lashes were being promoted everywhere. As time went on in the 1940s, women like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth started to wear them in photoshoots. They began to wear them so that their eyes would look larger and would be able to pop in photos.

In the 1950s, the plastic material was introduced. The strip lashes were no longer made of human hair. Different styles had also come into play. In the 1940s-1950s, it was a big thing for women it was the key to glamour and makeup.

Time went by, and the eyelashes started getting better. Over time some women even started wearing both top and bottom falsies/lashes. A pair of brothers who were makeup artists owned a company called Eylure. They were one of the first known companies to start manufacturing lashes. This company made 30 different styles ranging from natural lashes made of real hair and even fur. 

Many styles were also being made to help fit every woman's eye shape. By the time the 1970s arrived, the strip lash business was skyrocketing. Companies that started selling them were Max Factor and Revlon. American sales of false eyelashes were at 20,000,000 pairs a year! 

At the time when the lash trend was growing, women seemed to have a problem aligning their lashes with the false eyelashes they were putting on. A patented invention was created by Charles W Stickel and William E McDonnell. The Kurlash eyelash curler, is a tool the women still use today, to align their natural lashes with the false eyelash. When applying the false lashes by using a lash curler to curl your own lashes can make the process of applying strip lashes much easier because you can blend your natural lashes with your falsies seamlessly.

In the 2000s, fake eyelashes became part of the everyday woman's makeup routine. Everyone was wearing them, they were being sold in big stores like Walmart, Target, and local pharmacies. 

Where Do I Buy Strip Lashes?

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