What are Strip Lashes?

When people talk about wearing false lashes, they’re usually referring to strip lashes. Strip lashes (also known as just strips) are a simple way to elevate your look to the next level but do you know what strip lashes are and who they’re suitable for? Read on to learn everything you need to know before diving into the world of strip lashes!


What are Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are a horizontal band with false lashes attached to them. Strip lashes are also referred to as false lashes, falsies, or glue-on lashes. They’re applied right above your natural lash line to enhance your eyes and makeup look. The great thing about strip lashes is they are totally customizable to your eye shape and preferences. You can use strip lashes to either add a bit of volume or length, or you can go all-out dramatic! You’re also able to trim strip lashes to fit your eye shape perfectly. Contrary to popular belief, strip lashes can be worn anywhere from 10-30 times with the proper care (we’ll get into that later!)

 Unlike lash extensions, you remove strip lashes at the end of the night before bed, so they’re much less permanent. To apply strip lashes, you use a removable adhesive (look for glue that’s safe for your eyes!) This adhesive comes in a range of shades, such as black and brown, but it’s also available in clear shade. Although strip lashes are only worn for a short period, they can be worn up to 12 hours per day without the need for adhesive touch-ups.

 There are many different types of strip lashes, such as mink, silk, human hair, and more. All of the lashes sold on ashleykennedy.com are vegan and cruelty free. In fact, we've been certified by Leaping Bunny for our entire line up!  

Are Strip Lashes Safe to Use?

Some people get freaked out by the idea of putting glue near their eyes, but it’s totally safe to do! Strip lashes and the adhesive used to apply them are made for your sensitive eye area, and as long as you remove them carefully, you won’t damage your natural lashes. Unlike lash extensions, strips are applied to the skin and not on the natural lashes, so there’s less of a risk of pulling out your hairs. 


Who are Strip Lashes Made for?

The remarkable thing about strip lashes is anyone can wear them! Like we mentioned before, strip lashes can be customized to your own eye shape and the style you like. For example, you can leave your strip lashes long and voluminous for added dramatic flair, or you can trim down the length for a more subtle look!

Strips lashes are perfect for those who like to change up their look often. The style of lash extensions cannot be changed from day to day, but you can always switch up your look using different strip lash styles! Applying strip lashes only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require much skill (just a bit of practice!) Lastly, strip lashes are great for anyone who is on a budget. Lash extensions can cost anywhere from $100-$500 for a few weeks of wear, while all of the strip lashes on ashleykennedy.com cost far less for up to 30 wears!


How to Choose a Strip Lash Style

Now that you know how to apply falsies, it’s time to choose a pair that’s right for you.

  •       Almond-shaped eyes are the most versatile and can easily work with any lash style, whether it be dramatic or natural. The Oakland Lashes on ashleykennedy.com are great for almond eyes because they have a more natural look but provide amazing fullness and length.
  • If you have deep-set eyes, try opting for a pair of strips that are longer in the middle. This is the key to emphasizing your eyes. LA Lashes provide glam volume and are longer in the middle.
  • People with hooded eyes shouldn’t shy away from strip lashes! Just be sure to choose a style that’s longer (like Palm Springs Lash) to accentuate your eye shape.
  •       Round eyes are the perfect eye shape for a more natural-looking lash set like the San Diego Lash :) 

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