What is the Difference Between Strip Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions?

Strips lashes are lashes that are attached shaped to a crescent band that can be put on to the lash lid in one piece and can be removed on demand. Whereas eyelash extensions, are individually applied lash hairs that are professionally applied with long wear adhesive (lasts weeks) and allows for extended wear and no daily removal. 

What is an Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent false lashes individually applied using glue that should only be applied by a professionally trained lash technician; this is a much stronger adhesive. So what's the difference you say? Well friends, let me give you the tea. 

The Low Down of Getting Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are more expensive than strip lashes and depends on the rates of the lash technician you decide on. 

  • On average lash technician starts their prices from $150 USD to $200 USD and maintenance starts at ~$55 USD. The lash technician may charge more for eyelash extensions because of the lash material applied. Lash hairs can be made of silk, human, mink, or horse hair. Eyelash extensions require daily maintenance such as cleaning and fluffing to promote longer lash life. Lash extensions can last about ~3 weeks with proper care, and you should plan to visit your lash technician approximately every three weeks or per the direction of your lash technician. 
  • An appointment to do eyelash extensions takes about 2- 3 hours to be done, and this is for a complete set to be done. Lash technicians also offer refills which are when only a couple of lashes are missing or when your lashes have grown out, the extension placed on your actual lash. There are another 50-55 dollars you are spending to get a refill. 
  • Eyelash extensions naturally fall off during their life cycle. After the eyelash extension appointment, lash techs will instruct you to keep them dry within the first day or two. 

As a friendly reminder, remember when going to get eyelash extensions to schedule with a licensed technician. Going to an unlicensed person can be risky and potential harm to your eyes.  Here are some watch-outs iwhen getting your eyelash extensions:

    • Look for tools are properly cleaned or sterilized, this is how you can get pink eye. 
    • Improperly applied extensions can cause injury. If your technician is not certified you risk getting an infection on your eyelids or cornea.
    • Be aware and watch for possible allergic reactions to the adhesive. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include eye irritation, burning, itching, and bloodshot eyes. Please see a doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.
    • If at any point you feel discomfort, reach out to your lash technician and review if you need to have them removed immediately before experiencing any additional symptoms.
    • Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, and can cause you to lose some of your natural lashes.

What are Strip Lashes?

If you have not already read our blog on "Who Invented Strip Lashes", check it out. It gives a recap of the invention of lashes and even why we use lash curlers!

Strip lashes are attached to a crescent band strip and then glued on the eyelid, slightly above your natural lashes. Strip lashes are very budget-friendly. Eyelash strips are reusable and you can put on in your comfort of your own home. 

Lash strips can give you a natural or full glam look depending on the style that fits you. Proper application is when your falsies don't touch your actual eyelashes. There is no long wait time when applying strip lashes; the only wait time is the 30 seconds you have to wait for the lash adhesive to become tacky or if you use our lash adhesive liner there is no wait time! Just line and apply! 

Since these eyelash strips are reusable, traditional adhesive allows you to take them off before showering or even before doing any water activity, then you can reapply the strips on. Our Everyday lash adhesive liner and Perfect Pair: 2 in 1 Adhesive Liner are waterproof and sweat proof allowing you to still wear lashes during activities with water or sports. 

Types of Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are easy to put on, and you can do this at home in minutes. There are so many types of strip lashes to choose from. Lashes are made for everyone and every eye shape.  For example:

  • 3D lashes 
  • faux mink lashes
  • real mink lashes

At ashleykennedy.com, lashes that are hand-created and certified Leaping Bunny cruelty free and vegan-friendly are offered. Sizes between 15mm and 20mm are also offered for those who prefer for short, natural, or long and glamorous lashes. 

Ashleykennedy.com offers a lash pack that comes with two pairs of natural lashes for variety. If you find having eyelash extensions is an expensive or you like versatility, short on time, hen strip lashes are for you. Opt for AK eyelashes which you can quickly and conveniently apply for you or a friend at home. 

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