How Long Do Strip Lashes Last?

There are many ways that one can enhance the look of their lashes. With so many different possibilities and opportunities on the market, from makeup products to cosmetic treatments, it might be hard to decide the best way to get the job done. However, the need and the desire for lovely, luscious, and seductive lashes are forever present, making them an essential part of defining one's look.

As there are different eyelash enhancement methods, one of the best, easiest, and most convenient solutions is the strip lashes.

Strip lashes and lash extensions are two different things, and many make the mistake of thinking they are the same. The strip lashes are lashes attached to a fabric band, which, as one piece, come over the lash line. They are removable, reapplied, and worn numerous times before they are no longer suitable for wearing. Strip lashes are also known as false lashes, a term that might be more common. Getting strip lashes is very easy because you can put them on yourself – you do not have to visit a lash technician. This easy way to put them on and take them off provides extraordinary practicality.

As their design and the application are effortless, strip lashes have become an approachable and convenient solution for both beginners and experts. The strip lashes are attached over the natural lashes with the use of a special glue. This glue is made so that it is gentle on the skin and does not cause side effects. However, there are exceptions when some women can experience irritation.

Benefits of Strip Lashes

Before moving onto how long the strip lashes last and how long you can keep them on your eyes, these are the greatest benefits of the strip lashes that make them the most desired and wanted lash choice.

  • Strip lashes are a budget-friendly choice. Being such a great product, the lashes industry has put a lot of effort and creativity into designing different styles that can flatter different eye shapes as well as tastes. Because the strip lashes are reusable, they are truly the best buy and extremely worth the money.
  • Strip lashes are easy. The easy application and the removal make them suitable for all different kinds of events and activities. For example, you do not need to wait for the glue to work if you want to go swimming, take a shower, or do anything else. You can just easily remove them and put them back on when you are finished with the activity.


How Long Does Strip Lashes Last?

As mentioned above, the strip lashes are reusable, making them a great investment. Strip lashes and their varieties can last a long time. They are a special type of lashes that must be reapplied every day if you want to wear them again. This can easily be done at home, and you can do it yourself, which means you do not need help from a professional. With this being said, and the need for reapplication, the strip lashes essentially last no more than 24 hours per year, which means 24 hours in total, or one day. As lashes, they can be worn many times. Depending on the type of lashes, the strip lashes can be re-worn between 5 to even 25 times. Compared to eyelash extensions, this is quite convenient. For example, eyelash extensions typically last 2-3 weeks, depending on the natural lash growth cycle.

 The best look of the eyelashes is when they are worn about up to twelve hours after application. In that time, they will look best, fixated, complement the eye and provide the look that you want. Anything after 12 hours might suggest sagged ends, heavy lids, eyelashes starting to fall, etc.

 Another important thing about the longevity of the lashes comes from the care you provide them. Although they are indeed made of quality material, even the strip lashes need maintenance to be used longer and look better when put on. The glue, the mascara, and other makeup products pile up dirt and bacteria that might seriously affect and cause eye problems. That is why you must clean the strip lashes after every use. This is easy by using an eye makeup remover product or some gentle micellar water, whose primary purpose is cleaning and cleansing. After they are cleaned, you can store them back in their box to be ready for the next use.

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