Can I Shower with Strip Lashes On?

You’re in the bathroom, blending your eyeshadow to perfection. You put on your mascara and then your favorite strip lashes applied perfectly. You are slaying it in the mirror! 

But now there is a dilemma! Can you shower without ruining your eye makeup?

411 on Strip Lashes

First of all, you have to know what a strip lash is to use a strip lash. Also known as falsies, fake eyelashes, or false eyelashes, strip lashes enhance and perfect your eye makeup and give you beautiful, thick eyelashes. You can trim them to your eye length and you can easily pop them on if you’re in a hurry.

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Can I Shower With My Strip Lashes On?

If you just did your makeup perfectly and didn’t want to have to do it all over again but need a shower, this is for you.

Use Waterproof Lash Glue

We offer a few both a clear (Champagne) and black (Caviar) waterproof lash glues to suit your strip lash needs. Check them out here! Our waterproof or sweat proof formulas and lashes are Certified Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free and Vegan. The key is using the right products to last all day or night.

Keep the Lash Clean

Suppose you’re reusing a pair of lashes multiple times. If you are not cleaning your lashes after every use, it’s more than likely that you’ve got some build-up of various eye makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, dried eyelash glue, eyeshadow, etc. Keeping your strip lashes clean will ensure they are securely applied and will also make them last longer.

Here’s how to clean your falsies:

What you’ll need:

  • Used strip lashes
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towel
  • Rubbing alcohol or makeup remover of your choice
  • Tweezers


  1. Start by laying your lashes curl-side-up on a dry, clean paper towel.
  2. Douse a Q-tip in either rubbing alcohol or makeup remover.
  3. Gently wipe the cotton swab over the falsie band, using enough pressure to take off the makeup and soak and debris.
  4. Make sure to coat both lashes in the alcohol/makeup remover thoroughly. Let them sit for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Take a clean cotton swab and dry off the lashes.
  6. Holding a lash between your thumb and pointer finger, take your tweezers and VERY VERY gently pull off any glue that is still sitting on the lash band. Repeat with the other lash. **The key is patience and being gentle, avoiding damaging your lash band**
  7. Throw away the dirty paper towel and place lashes back in the butterfly storage case for reuse. If you do not have the case use a clean dry paper towel.  [Tip: You can use a clean spoolie to come the lash hairs)

Okay, was this Great, but you Still Have More Questions

Awesome! We’d love to take your questions anything about strip lashes. Click here to read more of our blog, where we answer all of your questions, or click here to contact us.

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