Do Strip Lashes Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

If you're thinking of experimenting with lash eyelashes or eyelash extensions, you're probably wondering if strip lashes could ruin your natural lashes. At, we're giving you a rundown of everything you need to know about strip lashes and how they impact your natural lashes.

At, our strip lashes are hand-made and come in a variety of styles, including faux mink and synthetic lashes. We make our strip lashes using synthetic fibers for a natural look.

Most people who want to add length or volume to their lashes choose to do so with strip lashes. They're a more affordable alternative and add versatility to your look every day. Strip lashes are easy to wear and beginner-friendly.

The majority of people who use strip lashes don't see any damage occurring to their natural eyelashes.  The secret is all about the application and removal process. 

Can Strip Lashes Ruin My Eyelashes?

The answer is that potentially yes. It's all about the type of eyelashes that you use and the application process that you choose. The eyelash glue is often what does the most harm. Cheaper eyelash glue is usually packed full of chemicals, we pride our selves in bringing you a Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan Lash Adhesive. 

Will strip lashes ruin your natural eyelashes? Not if you know learn to apply them properly.

How Can I Look After My Natural Lashes?

You want to make sure you're using lash glue that is safe for your eyelashes and won't irritate them. The best way to prevent strip lashes from causing any problems is by learning how to apply and remove them. You should always be applying your falsies above your natural lashes and avoiding harmful chemicals and products.

On the topic of safety, you want to make sure you avoid getting the eyelash glue in your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, you want to be extra careful to avoid accidents with the glue.

The real risk tips are when you're removing your strip lashes. We've all been tempted to pull our lashes off at the end of a night out, just before our head hits the pillow. Give your lashes a little more TLC and properly remove your falsies. 

The best way to take off your strip lashes is to use a makeup remover to help dissolve the glue. If you can remove or loosen the adhesive, you won't be pulling on your natural lashes. You want to remove your strip lashes as slowly after using the makeup remover. 

If you remove your strip lashes properly, your natural eyelashes should look just like they did before you applied your falsies. You shouldn't see any negative impact on the growth of your lashes. If you notice anything, you likely need to be a little more careful with applying and removing your strip lashes.

Applying Lashes to Natural Lashes

Your strip lashes will usually be the last part of your makeup routine. For the best results, you want to curl your natural lashes to help your strip lashes blend in with your natural eyelashes. The rubber coating on the lash curler keeps your natural lashes protected. 

When you take your strip lashes out of the box, you want to add a thin line of lash glue onto the band. Wait for around 10 seconds for the lash glue to become tacky or if you are using our adhesive liner apply immediately. Make sure to read the instructions on your selected lash adhesive for best application. I find using a pair of tweezers can help you hold the strip lashes in place and press them inward  against your natural lash line. You don't want to apply your strip lashes on your natural lashes.

Once your lashes are on, let them dry. You can test the glue's bonding by lightly tugging on the center of the strip lashes to make sure they're correctly attached.

How Do I Remove My Strip Lashes?

At, our lashes are wearable up to 30 times with proper care. You want to make sure you're removing them properly to keep them in good condition by storing them back in the butterfly case. When you're removing your strip lashes (recommended: after using your makeup remover), you want to peel the lash off. You'll know that you've caught a natural lash if you start to feel any pain or tugging. It's best to take this step slowly so you can tell if there are any natural lashes caught up with your strip lashes. 

As our strip lashes are re-wearable, you want to make sure to clean the lash band to remove any left-over adhesive. We recommend storing your Ashley Kennedy lashes back into their original packaging in our butterfly case to keep them safe and clean between uses.

 No, strip lashes won't damage your natural eyelashes. If you learn how to apply and remove your strip lashes correctly, you shouldn't have any issues with your natural lashes. 

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