Can You Put Mascara on Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are a fun way to enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes. They add volume, length, and a little drama to your look. Many lash wearers wonder if they can, or should, top off their beautiful lashes with their favorite mascara.

In short, YES! You can apply mascara while also wearing false eyelashes. Mascara can be added for an extra boost of volume and help blend your natural and false lashes perfectly. Although mascara can help blend your old lashes with the strip lashes, so they look more cohesive, mascara can also shorten the life span of your falsies. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your strip lashes in great shape.

The professionals at realize that adding mascara to your strip lashes is ultimately a personal decision, and your technique may depend on what products you use, the shape of your eye, and your level of experience.


6 Tips for Using Mascara with Fake Eyelashes

We will give you six (6) helpful tips to make putting mascara on your false lashes a little easier, so your lashes & look lasts all day and all night.

1. Apply Mascara in Layers

For best results, we recommend applying mascara to your natural eyelashes in very thin layers. First, apply a thin, even layer of mascara to your curled, natural eyelashes. Give the mascara a few minutes to dry completely. Then, put on your strip lashes by fusing your own tried and true method or a tutorial. Allow the mascara to dry completely before following up with another thin layer of mascara, if desired. Since strip lashes are adding lots of volume to your eyes, you can likely get away with using less mascara than you usually would. Save your coins friends and extend the life of your favorite mascara!

2. Use a High-Quality Mascara - No Clumps Allowed!

We know that even the best mascaras can get clumpy if not used correctly. Be sure you use a mascara that is not old/expired, so you are not dealing with a surprise while trying to do your makeup. There's nothing worse than realizing your mascara is clumpy or expired after you've put it on your eyelashes.

 If you're going to be applying mascara to your strip lashes, look for a mascara wand that will not tug on your lashes too much. Soft -densely packed, combs, vs flexible bristles will determine your final look. Ultimately, the type of mascara you choose also comes down to your personal preference and the kind of mascara applicator you're most comfortable using. If you are new to lashes, I recommend sticking with your favorite until you are more comfortable with your lash application. 


Did you know you can get multiple wears out of one pair of strip lashes? If you are looking to use your strip lashes more than once, know that mascara may shorten how long you can reuse lashes. Mascara will break down on the lash hairs over time and make it harder to reuse them. Too much mascara can also weaken the lash band and make the lashes a little heavier, so it's harder for the adhesive to support and change your final look. Remember that thin layers of mascara with falsies are always better for keeping your lashes longer.

4. Caution if you use Oil-based Mascara 

Oily mascara formulas bond to your lashes, and it could dehydrate real or fake lash hairs if not properly used.  Oil based mascara can be more difficult to remove than water based. Water based is easier to remove, great for sensitive skin,  and less likely to give "spidery lashes." You can tell if your mascara is water-based by looking at the list of ingredients. If water is listed as the first ingredient, you're good to go! 

5. For Special Occasions Use Waterproof mascara 

 Waterproof mascara formulas are great for long wear but also can be very difficult to remove. If you are using waterproof mascara on your false eyelashes over multiple uses it can lead to flaking and uneven texture. Limit use of waterproof mascara to special occasions to ensure your lashes can be reused to the max.

6. Clean Your Falsies

 If you have strip lashes made of any material you should be cleaning them to help prevent product buildup and bacteria from growing on your falsies.

You can use cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol or oil-free makeup remover to remove eye makeup and glue from your synthetic lashes. Follow up with another cotton swab soaked in warm water to clean off leftover mascara. Reshape the lashes by placing them in thier case  and allow them to dry on a clean towel. The cleaning method for mink or lashes made of other natural materials may be different so please do your homework to avoid damage to your false lashes.

Just like any other hair or makeup routine, false eyelashes require a bit of practice to get master, but once you have the correct technique down, the process is much quick and easy. Many makeup-wearers get comfortable enough with falsies to wear as an everyday part of their makeup look. You can also have fun experimenting with different styles depending on the occasion.

 To learn even more about our strip lashes, visit, where you can browse our products and read more of our blog posts. 

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