Are Eyelash Strip Lashes Worth Getting?

My girls and guys with short eyelashes all know the struggle. Though we may be going for different looks - doey eyed, a night on the town, or just everyday glam - we all need the same thing: longer, more voluminous eyelashes.

There are a lot of things you can do to get longer lashes. You could, for example, pay a few thousand dollars and get eyelash transplants. But if you're like most people, you don't have that kind of money just lying around. For a cheaper and more convenient option that produces fabulous results, you can use strip eyelash extensions like the kind we sell here at Ashley Kennedy.


What Are Strip Eyelashes?

Strip lashes are exactly what they sound like: strips with tiny strands of faux hair carefully attached to them, so they look like natural, luscious lashes. The strip is thin and designed to be glued using a skin-safe adhesive just above your actual lash line.


What Makes Ashley Kennedy Strip Eyelashes Special? 

When you're buying strip eyelash extensions, there's a lot you should consider, including ethical integrity, ease of use, and whether or not it's friendly for your budget and worth your time. At, we proudly meet all these criteria. Let us tell you how.

  • Our Lashes Are 100% Vegan And Cruelty-Free

At Ashley Kennedy, we make our lashes cruelty-free, with faux mink hair that is 100% vegan.

  • Our Lashes Come Ready To Use Right Out Of The Box

There's no need to get out your scissors for our lashes. The strips are already thin enough that all you have to do is take the lashes out of the box and pop them on your eyelids with a safe, strong adhesive.

Pro Tip: For glue, we recommend you use our Everyday or Perfect Pair Lash Adhesive Pens, as it's safe for your skin and eyes but will keep your lashes on for as long as you need.

  • Our Lashes Are Budget Friendly And Versatile

Our lashes can be used 30 times before discarding. This means you can buy one pair for between $10-$20 depending on which of our styles matches your vibe and wear them every day for a whole month. This saves you money and gives you more options for lash styles, so you can alternate between more than one set if you want to shake your lookup now and then.


What Styles Of Strip Eyelashes Can I Purchase At Ashley Kennedy?

We're glad you asked! We offer several different styles that are sure to hit the mark for your unique personality.

1.San Diego Lash

The San Diego Lash is designed to look soft and natural. It's the perfect training pair if you're new to the faux eyelashes scene.

2. Palm Springs Half Lash

The Palm Springs Half Lash is the ideal accompaniment to your already long lashes or individual faux eyelashes set. The half style adds extra oomph and volume and is suitable if you're looking to create a perfect dramatic cat-eye.

3. L.A. Lash

The L.A. Lash is all about the 'tude. It flares up and out for the ultimate long, wispy look.

4. Oakland Lash

The Oakland Lash is a layered lash that gives you a wide-awake, doey eyed look. 

Want a combination of lashes but aren't sure which ones will fit the look you're going for? We also sell carefully curated lash set:

1.The Natural Lash Set

The Natural Lash Set is designed to lend you some natural volume on your lashes while still giving you options. It comes with the San Diego Lash and the Palm Springs Half Lash. 


As you can probably tell from this article, we love eyelash extensions. They're our specialty and our passion. We see them as a better alternative to expensive surgeries, better for the environment, and better for your busy lifestyle. After all, you need lashes you can apply easily without having to cut the strip. You also need lashes that don't wear out after only a few uses. We feel the same way, and that's why we created the Ashley Kennedy strip eyelashes line. Check out our lashes and discover the best pair to suit your unique personality.

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