What's Better Individual Lashes or Strip Lashes?

Whether worn alone or on top of eyeshadow, the perfect lashes have the power to transform and upgrade your look totally. 

There is a range of different lash products you can choose from to fit your lifestyle and routine, such as eyelash extensions, individual lashes, or strip lashes

At Ashleykennedy.com, we want to help you find the right lashes—so we're breaking down the pros and cons of individual lashes vs. strip lashes!

Individual Lashes and Why We Like Them

Individual lashes are great for everyday wear as they are significantly smaller than strip lashes and therefore don't take as long to apply or to dry. 

Individual lashes usually have 2-3 lashes bundled on one knot that you can apply to virtually anywhere on the eye, such as the outer lid for a cat-eye effect or the center of the lid for dramatic length. 

With individual lashes, you also have the freedom to apply as many as you want—giving you the power to rock a dramatic or natural look. Unlike eyelash extensions, which are glued to your eye and last for 4-6 weeks, individual lashes are easy to remove and can be re-worn.

Strip Lashes and Why We Like Them

Strip lashes are a fan favorite and have been used by makeup artists and enthusiasts all around the world for their fullness and volume. 

Unlike individual lashes, which have to be applied methodically on your eye, strip lashes provide a full-fan effect with just one application. They also come in many different styles depending on your desired length, thickness, and volume. 

Choosing the Right Lashes

At Ashley Kennedy, we sell 100% vegan, cruelty-free lashes made out of faux mink hair. Our lashes are high-quality and can be worn up to 30 times. We offer a variety of styles, like our San Diego Lash, which add a soft, pillowy natural flare to the eyes. For those nights that you're out on the town, try our L.A. lash for a dramatic, show-stopping lash. 

Shop our affordable strip lashes, or check out our blog for tips on tricks on all things lashes! 

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