What is a Good Age to Get Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are the quickest way to increase your lash fullness, length, and quantity without undergoing any procedure or spending an influx of cash. They are temporary and interchangeable eyelash extensions, so if you decide you do not enjoy the look one of style, you can pop it off and try a different one! They are preferable to other kinds of lash enhancers due to their numerous styles ranging from a simple day-to-day look to an extravagant evening gala! What do you need to know about strip lashes, and what age are they suitable for, you ask? Let’s talk about it!


What Exactly are Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are false lashes or “falsies” that are made to sit directly on the skin of your lash line. With the help of some mascara, you can blend in with your natural lashes. They adhere to your lash line with the assistance of lash glue -completely skin-safe and easy to remove- that acts as an attaching agent! The glue removes easily with a makeup wipe and is not harmful to your natural lashes or eyelash extension.


Are They Safe?

A common concern for people who are curious about strip lashes is whether or not they are safe. This is a valid concern, seeing as you are placing something close to your eye! Thankfully, eyelash extensions are perfectly safe for anybody to use! Since they are temporary and are quite literally a peel and stick type of product, they cause no harm to your existing lashes. They actually add to them! You are placing nothing on your eye or having any procedure done to your lashes themselves, so there are no hidden, long-lasting damages on the horizon.

Strip lash glue is just as safe as the extensions themselves. It is non-toxic and formulated to be safe for use close to the eye, so there is no fear of causing damage to your vision.


Why Would I Want Them?

Eyelash extensions, or strip lashes, make a great addition to any makeup look! There are a wide variety of styles of strip lashes on ashleykennedy.com, so they are not just meant for makeup gurus looking for thick, plump lashes 24/7 (although if that’s your style, we support you!). Eyelash extensions are ideal for anyone who has always struggled with feeling confident about their lashes. For example, maybe your lashes are short or sparse; a simple addition of eyelash extensions can make a significant difference in your look and overall confidence! Strip lashes provide a quick way to amp up your eye-look without needing 3,4,5 coats of mascara to get your desired effect. In fact, most people don’t add more than one coat of simple mascara, and that’s solely to adhere the strip lashes to your natural ones if you even want to! It is not required!

They are great for adding some length or dimension to your existing eyelashes or making you look as though you just stepped off the cover of Vogue and could fan us all away with those cat eyes! It’s your choice, your style, your way! Be as simple or as extravagant as you want!


What Age is the Most Ideal for Using Them?

The eyelash extensions offered on AshleyKennedy.com are perfect for beginners and well-seasoned falsies users alike. They are easy to use, so that most ages can use them either alone or with some help! We recommend ages 16 and up, but if you are younger, you are welcome to give them a try! However, they do make eyelash extensions for younger people that are smaller and will fit your eyes better. One of the coolest things about strip lashes, though, is that they are customizable! You can trim your eyelash extensions to fit your eye length if that is needed!

So, the age itself doesn’t make a difference in terms of useability, and it more so comes down to preference!


What are Strip Lashes Made From?

There are several sources for eyelash extensions, but these are the most widely used!

  • Synthetic Lashes – A plastic-derived fiber and type of polyester commonly used within the beauty and clothing industry! Often used to make lashes that are full and dense and look best with a heavy eye-makeup look! They typically have a shiny black finish.
  • Human Hair Lashes – These eyelash extensions tend to be lighter weight and offer more of a natural finish to a makeup look.
  • Mink and Faux Mink – Both of these options are loved for their full and fluffy look. They can be used for casual or event looks and come in a wide range of styles.
  • Silk and Faux Silk – These two options are known for being lightweight, have a shiny appearance, and offer a realistic finish!


Where Can I Buy Them?

Eyelash extensions are sold in nearly every makeup store that exists! However, the strip lashes at AshleyKennedy.com are highly praised, affordable, high quality, and come in six beautiful styles as well as in mini kits for those who want to try out more than one!

Strip lashes add a beautiful touch to any makeup look. They have the power to make you feel like you could run the world just by adding some length, volume, and shine to your overall eye-look. No matter your age, eyelash extensions are a great product to test out for yourself to experience all of the benefits they have to offer! Check out AshleyKennedy.com for some beautiful eyelash extension options!

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