What are Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are kind of our thing here at Ashleykennedy.com. We love this type of faux eyelash for how versatile and easy it is to apply and how dramatic and gorgeous its effect is. To get fluffy, voluminous lashes in literally seconds, this type is the best choice. But you may be wondering: what does the term “strip lashes” mean? Why are they called that? And what makes them different from (and in our opinion, better than) the other types of false eyelashes out there? In this blog post, we’ll answer all those questions so that you’ll be an expert and can choose the product that works best for you by the end. 

What Are Strip Lashes? 


Strip lashes, like the kind we sell in our online shop, are strips of faux lashes that you apply as a single piece close to your natural lash line. The great thing about this type of faux eyelash is it’s exceptionally versatile.

For one thing, you can easily change the size to fit your eyelid by cutting the strip with a pair of scissors. It also takes almost no time at all to apply. All you have to do is coat the strip in skin-sensitive adhesive and pop it on using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. 

The Other Main Types Of False Eyelashes 


There are two other types of false eyelashes you should know about. They each have their unique benefits, although neither are as easy to apply as strip lashes. 

Individual Flare Lashes

Individual flare lashes are mainly used to add volume and flair (no pun intended) to your existing eyelashes. Makeup artists use them a lot, but they’re still inexpensive. They do require a steady hand and a keen eye to apply. It can be hard to judge where to put individual lashes and how many to put on. That’s why strip lashes are easier to pop on: you just glue a strip of lashes that are already arranged into a lovely, fluffy unit onto your lash line. 

Individual Single Lashes 

Individual Single Lashes are a more permanent solution to a problem that many men and women experience: short, sparse eyelashes. Think of them as eyelash extensions. They will last much longer than strip or flare lashes. However, it’s a long and challenging process to apply them yourself. More than likely, you will need to go to a salon so that a professional can do it for you. 

The Meaning Of Strip Lashes: Versatile, Easy, And Fabulous 

So now you know what strip lashes are: strips of faux hair that you can apply as a whole to your lash line for the most voluminous and voluptuous eyelashes you’ve ever had in your life. But the real meaning of strip lashes is: versatile, easy to use, and fabulous. Check out our line in the Ashley Kennedy online shop.

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