What are Strip Lashes?

Not everyone is blessed with long and thick lashes, so to enhance those lashes, one can give false lashes, also known as strip lashes, a chance.

Strip lashes are lashes attached to a band, which is placed just above the lash line in one piece. These lashes are applied with a removable adhesive.

Strip lashes can be worn for a special occasion or an everyday look.
Strip lashes are one size fits all, but they can be cut to fit your eye shape. Strip lashes are easy to apply, less expensive, and can be worn up to 15- 30 times.
Strip lashes are great for anyone to wear. Strip lashes enhance the eyes and make the eyes more defined.

There are different types of strip lashes, different styles, and different brands. Lashes from Ashleykennedy.com are hand-created and come in styles such as "Faux mink" or "synthetic lashes." These strip lashes are made from synthetic fibers.

Faux mink lashes are a better choice for people with sensitive skin and help avoid an allergic reaction. Faux mink is a more budget-friendly lash.

Strip lashes can be as long as 15mm - 32mm, so the key to choosing the perfect lash style that suits your eye shape. Lash bands can be very flexible. If you want the strip lash to keep the shape of your eye, ensure to store lashes back into the storage case.

For someone who has hooded eyes, the last style, "L.A Lash," offered from ashleykennedy.com, is a great lash strip for them because the eyelashes are long and short hairs. This lash offers length and volume but very subtle.

For someone who has almond-shaped eyes, we recommend a less full lash style, where the lashes are evenly distributed on the lash band. Lash style "Oakland lash" offered at ashleykennedy.com is a lash style recommended for those with almond-shaped eyes. For a girl's night out,ashes that are 18mm - 25mm are a go-to when picking lashes for a night out.

"Beverly Hills Lash" that can also be found at ashleykennedy.com is a wonderful pick.This lash style is full in volume, and is perfect for a glamorous look. Natural lashes won't give you the same boost as a full lash. Natural lashes will look like your lashes just a little bit longer.

A fuller lash can give you a boost in length. Strip lashes are safe, according to the FDA. Strip lashes are safe as long as the glue adhesive doesn't have any harmful ingredients. There are many different eyelash adhesives to choose from.

The eyelash adhesive does come in different colors. Some come in black, clear or transparent finish. Some also come in tubes or even a squeeze bottle. The best glue that works best with the lashes from ashleykennedy.com is the DUO glue. This glue does has many options to choose from. The best one is the glue which, when applied on the lash, is white, but after 30 seconds of drying, it will become transparent. This one is offered in a little squeeze bottle. Letting the lash glue dry for 30 seconds before applying is crucial because this allows the glue to become tacky, allowing the lash to stay in one place when applying.

Applying lashes comes easy to many people. Some people use a tweezer, lash applicator, and some people even use their fingers. A lash applicator is a slanted pair of tweezers but with a wider tip; this gives one a firm, grip across the entire lash band. When applying the lash, start from the outer side of your eyelid and then the inner corner. After this, you can now begin to pat/press down the lash to your eyelid, making sure it's on your eyelid is nice and secure.

When applying lashes, a quick tip is to curl your lashes so they aren't sticking out when you apply the lash strip on top. You can also apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying the lash. People do put mascara on the lash itself, but this can also minimize the times you use the lash and also, putting mascara on the eyelash can also make the lash look clumpy. This allows one to easily be able to maneuver around the eye when applying the eyelash. Eyelash strips are recommended to be taken off at the end of the day.

The best way to remove eyelash strips is to loosen the adhesive. You can do this by taking a Q-tip and dabbing it in warm water, and then applying it onto the lash top. Strip lashes can also come off when you shower based on the glue you use. Once the water touches the glue on the lash and it will become soft, allowing the lash to come right off.

This will make the adhesive become loose and allow you to peel the lash off. Once your lash is off, you can clean the lash by taking off the remainder of the glue on the lash band with a tweezer.

Taking off the remaining residue is an important part when cleaning the eyelash strips because if you don't, then the glue will get hard on the lash band and it won't be as flexible as it was when you first put on the lashes.

When doing this, be very careful only to be pull off the lash glue. Once you pull a piece of the lash band, the eyelash strip can be ruined, and then you won't be able to reuse it. The lash band will become very loose and thin. Once the lash is clean and dry, you can place lashes back in the storage case they came in and put away for next time use.

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